How does a summer with The Experiment build knowledge? Experimenters from summer 2022 share their thoughts.

"I gained a better understanding of Ghanaian culture, history, and pan-Africanism. I learned a lot more about the effects of the slave trade and European colonialism and imperialism toward Ghana and how it affects Ghana and other African countries today. It has given me a new perspective on why so-called ‘third-world’ countries are struggling." — Susan, Experimenter to Ghana, 2022
"The incredible diversity of our group allowed for group learning and relationships that extended past the borders of Korea." — Brody, Experimenter to South Korea, 2022  
"Language instruction made me feel confident in my ability to communicate and the teacher made sure to include all students during class." — Nicholas, Experimenter to Jordan, 2022  
"I definitely feel more prepared for college. [The Experiment] has boosted my confidence in my ability to make connections quickly and adapt to new environments." — Abigail, Experimenter to Italy, 2022  
"I have learned so much in so many different areas of the world. Your language is going to improve. You learn to care about people other than yourself … You really work as a team here in every way. It's a super amazing experience." — Jules, Experimenter to Spain, 2022  
"I think that I learned more than I thought I would. The first day at the homestay it was a complete struggle, and then toward the end I understood a lot more and my brain was automatically translating into French." — Tessely, Experimenter to France, 2022  
"I learned … how open I want to be and how much more I want out of life. When I go back home I plan to do a lot more and constantly live life." — Brianna, Experimenter to France, 2022
"At the end of the trip, my Spanish comprehension and speaking fluency had drastically improved, and I learned twice as much in one month as I have in all of school." — Aidan, Experimenter to Ecuador, 2022  
"I know my Spanish has improved tenfold. Anybody who wants to learn a new language, a new culture, immerse themselves into everything that a country like this has to offer, I think they should do it." — Liam, Experimenter to Spain, 2022  
"The Experiment made me want to travel, not for the sole purpose of traveling but to learn more about different cultures and figure out how I can be of assistance." — Kassy, Experimenter to South Korea, 2022

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