Building Forward,
Stronger Together

Over nine decades, World Learning has worked to help build a world where students can discover and share knowledge with others around the globe. Where teachers, children, and youth can learn new skills to grow. Where professionals can train and collaborate to build up systems and institutions. Where changemakers are equipped with the skills needed to strengthen communities.

But as the world changes, so must we. That is why we build upon our 90 years of experience as the foundation from which we grow and evolve, change and innovate.

While grounded in our past, we come together to meet the challenges in front of us. We build forward, stronger together, to create a brighter and better world for all.

2022 Impact Report

A Letter from our Leadership

The past year brought a welcome opportunity to celebrate our 90th anniversary and reflect on the vision that built The Experiment in International Living and later created World Learning and School for International Training (SIT).

But it was not a time to rest.

In 1932, confronting a world scarred by conflict, rising authoritarianism, and a devastating economic depression, our founder Dr. Donald Watt was inspired to launch an “experiment in international living.”

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Our Organization

With three robust branches, our organization holds a unique position as both a global nonprofit and an accredited academic institution. Explore our 90th Anniversary Timeline to learn more about our history.

Our Mission: To work globally to enhance the capacity and commitment of individuals, institutions, and communities to create a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.

Our DEIA+ Approach: Together with the senior executive team, World Learning Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer Wagaye Johannes is honored to help lead the strategic efforts to embed diversity, equity, inclusion, and access across our organization’s global programs and operations.

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The Experiment, SIT, and World Learning logos


World Learning, SIT & The Experiment Participants

during fiscal year 2021–22



managed by World Learning



managed by World Learning



in which World Learning & SIT operate


SIT programs operated

during academic year 2021–2022

9 & 4

Countries & Continents

visited by Experimenters in 2022

Building Knowledge

Our programs provide the space and structure for others to come together to build knowledge. Through an experiential learning model, we nurture deeper thinking, broader perspectives, and expanded worldviews. Our students and participants emerge as lifelong learners with a global mindset. As alumni, they advance new projects, theories, and research, exploring ways to build a more resilient, safe, and just world.

“[Universal Design for Learning] has experienced rapid application across World Learning Algeria’s project sites due to the positive impact that UDL-designed learning environments bring—not just to the students who learn in them, but especially for the teachers that feel a heightened sense of efficacy as creators of inclusive learning environments.”

Leah Bitat

Program Director, World Learning Algeria

Building Skills

From teaching how to read or speak a new language to computer coding or goal setting, our programs provide the building blocks for others to learn and grow. Through our curricula, toolkits, and training, students and participants gain critical skills that broaden their access to diverse opportunities. With a stronger sense of agency, they take these skills and build pathways forward in new fields of research, advocacy, industry, and more.

“I find myself thinking of phrases and speaking them in Spanish, and knowing what I’m saying and being able to repeat and not even having to think about it that much anymore. My pronunciation has gone through the roof and my language skills have gone up exponentially.”


Experimenter to Spain, 2022

Building Capacity

World Learning knows that people and communities across the globe benefit when their institutions and systems are strong. Our bottom-up and top-down approach helps strengthen institutions and systems as well as build skills at the individual level. We have created a framework to embed social and emotional learning into school systems, managed a network of communication professionals to combat disinformation, and prepared visionaries to build the capacity of communities to create lasting, impactful change.

“This job is to increase the inclusivity of the programs and with more members of new American communities participating in the activities. So, it’s about inclusivity and it encompasses peace-building. Talking to parents, including immigrant parents, has given me knowledge about what is needed to make them feel more included in the education system.”

Asma Ali Abunaib

SIT Alumna
Director, Champlain Valley School District Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Building Community

At World Learning, we believe that fostering a network of community-builders dedicated to togetherness, reciprocity, and respect is a powerful way to make lasting change. This year, as we’ve done throughout our history, we opened our doors to refugees, providing access to housing and education on our Vermont campus. We worked with like-minded individuals and organizations to build collaborative partnerships at the local and global levels. And we supported alumni so they could launch innovative service projects in their home communities. We did this and more so we all can build forward, stronger together.

Avonlea Harwood led a student group to build a community garden, providing a peaceful green space for youth while spreading awareness about the benefits of indigenous plants to her community.

Avonlea, an alumna of The Experiment Digital program, launched this project with the help of a grant and resources provided by World Learning and the Stevens Initiative.


Countries represented

by World Learning program participants


Teachers trained

by World Learning


refugees housed

on the VT campus between January & June


SIT research papers downloaded

in the past year


professional Internships completed

by SIT undergraduate students


Experiment Digital Participants

from 14 countries

Awards & Achievements

World Learning, The Experiment in International Living, and SIT constantly strive to provide immersive, educational, engaging, and safe intercultural programming. That’s why we are proud to have won several awards recognizing our efforts this year.

Go Abroad

Top Online Study Abroad Program

Awarded to The Experiment Digital for its International Virtual Exchanges program


Go overseas

Community Choice Awards: Academics, Safety & Fun

Awarded to The Experiment in
International Living


Go Abroad

Innovation in Marketing & Digital Media

Awarded to the School for International Training for its Critical Conversations series


Diversity Abroad

Excellence in Diversity & Inclusion in International Education

Awarded to SIT Ghana Academic Director Kwabena Opoku-Agyemang


Make an impact

Building Forward, Stronger Together means World Learning is building on our 90 years of experience to meet the global challenges ahead of us. While grounded in our past, we come together to help create a brighter and better world for all.

Our programs—across World Learning, The Experiment in International Living, and School for International Training—help build knowledge and skills, capacity and communities.

Our students, participants, and alumni gain new perspectives, worldviews, skills, and career paths. They advance research, shape policies, and build up systems. They advocate for causes, solve problems, and foster resilient communities.

All of this would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and partners. Together, we can create a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world.

Thank you for making a gift to World Learning today. With your support, we will build forward, stronger together.


Donors & Supporters

Pictured, from left to right: Larry Cooley,  Carol Jenkins, and Dr. Sophia Howlett

Our Leadership

World Learning's Board of Trustees represents The Experiment in International Living, School for International Training, and World Learning’s global development and exchange programs.

Our board and senior leadership are made up of a diverse group of individuals, each with a strong record of leadership and an array of skills that help strengthen the organization.

And all are passionate about and committed to making a more sustainable, peaceful, and just world through education, development, and exchange.

Our Leadership

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