Michael Clarfeld and Tamar Huberman*

Lawrence Cooley and Marina Fanning*

Allen and Elizabeth Cutler*


Sander Daniels

Rosamond and Francois Delori*

Lynne Maguire and William Miller*

GLOBAL AMBASSADORS ($25,000 TO $49,999)

Jennifer Backus and J. Pagano*

Jack and Cecilia Benson

Cheryl and Glen Lewy*

Virginia Loeb and James Sperling*

Charles MacCormack*

John Padget

James and Judith Putnam


Richard Briggs*

Claudia Cellini

Jacques Delori and Kristen Graf

Elizabeth Gurney

Thomas and Nora Hiatt*

Torrence and Mary Hunt

Richard and Virginia Keim*

Stephen and Nita Lowey*

Betsy Michel*

William and Pamela Michaelcheck*

Paul Muther and Ulla Dagert-Muther*

Susan and David Plimpton*

Ann Rosewater*

Lewis and Sandy Rosewater*

Abigail Roth

Rebecca Roth

Michael Siegal and Nomi Ghez*

Elizabeth and Bertram Snyder*

Joan and Edwin Tiffany*

James Wilson*

ODYSSEY CLUB ($5,000 TO $9,999)

Anonymous (5)

Kenneth Bartels and Jane Condon*

Brad Choyt

Samuel Coale*

Roger Cogswell*

William and Jean Crocker*

Donald and Nancy Dwight

Margot and Eric Egan*

Kristina Egan and Alan Caron

Judith Ehrman*

Carol and Robert Jenkins*

John Mackie and Kathleen Ecker*

Clare and Howard McMorris*

Rajesh Misra

Michael Savage*

Kristin Seeman*

Cheryl Wilfong and Bill McKim*

SANDANONA CLUB ($2,500 TO $4,999)


John and Anna Anderson*

Margery Anderson*

Margherita and Michael Baldwin*

Faith Wilcox Barrington*

Larry Bucher

James Dopp

Joanne and Kenneth Graham*

David Hermer

Judy and Robert Huret*

Susan and Curtis Koster*

Edward and Barbara Lynn*

Thomas and Alexandra MacCracken*

Susan Meiselas*

David and Virginia Richardson

Ronaleen and Thomas Roha*

Eric and Harriet Rothfeld*

Brian and Keira Smith*

Deborah Stone


Anonymous (4)

Zillah and Robert Albern*

Louis and Laura Alpern

Margery Beebe

Inez Noble Black*

Prudence Clendenning and Robert Clopp

Roberta and Philip Cronin*

Tabitha Decker

Lindy DeJarme and B. Siomko DeJarme+

Jeffrey Delaney

Douglas DiSalvo

Elizabeth Dodds*

Fred Erisman and Patricia Longley-Erisman*

Robert Evans

Briana Foley

Willard Fry, M.D.*

Nancy and Richard Fryberger*

Susan Gibson

Phoebe Gilchrist*

Gary Goodwin and Virginia McHugh*

Barbara Hancock*

Patricia and Graham Harrison*

Ann Harrod*

Andrew Harrod*

David Hasel

Michelle Hayward and Jeremy Anderson*

Richard and Mary Hertel*

Eric Hoffman

Mary and Eric Hyson*

Kathleen Ivins*

Benjamin Kahane*

Melinda Kassen*

David and Peggy Kehe*

Jonathan Klein

Dorothy Koopman and Mark Eaton*

Christopher and Catherine Kramer*

Mary and Marshall Lasky*

Konstantin Lomidze

Diane Loviglio*

Ralph and Sally Majak

Constance and Henry McPhee*

Meryl Menon*

Johan Miceler

Alfrieta Monagan

Sherry Mueller

Joan Murdoch*

Cate Muther

Judith Mysliborski*

David Newman

Mark and Elizabeth Richards*

Betsy and Edward Schiff*

Wilson Schoellkopf*

John and Barbara Schubert*

Alexandra Scott

Robert Stableski*

Philip and Marcia Steckler*

Gail Stennies and Larry Shelley*

Jonathan Stoltz

Sandra Stone*

Peter Swift and Diana McCargo*

Robert Terry*

Katharine and William Van Wie*

Paul and Betsy Von Kuster*

John Wanda

Ondine and Randolf Wells

Judith Whitney-Terry

Nancy and Wallace Winter*

Carole Wood

Jane and Patrick Yates

Nazneen Zafar



Terry Adkins*

John and Cynthia Anthony

Carol Bellamy

Rachel and Douglas Burbank

Cassandra and Phillip Clay

Ira Cohen*

Jane and John Colman*

Elaine Dorward-King*

Nancy and Kostas Douzinas*

Margaret Einhorn and Michael Lasky*

Jane Eisner

Laura and Jordan Evans*

Stephen Ferry*

Edward and Julie Ginsburg*

Julian Goetz

Susan Gutchess and Helen Ingalls*

Grafton Harper*

Conrad and Marsha Harper*

Carol Helwig*

Susan Herman and Jeremy Travis*

Nancy and Robert Hunter*

Jonathan Jay

Timothy Johnson*

Susan Kelley*

Sally and David Kennedy+*

Elizabeth and Andrew King*

Michael Lempert

Cynthia Lloyd*

Donald Lopez

Eleanor and Edward MacDowell*

Bruce and Carla MacLeod*

John and Linda Martin*

Elizabeth and Dale Meers+*

John Moore

Felinda Mottino and John Alexander*

Melissa Oppenheimer*

Thomas and Dominique Palmer*

Andrew Quintman

Carolyn Reynolds*

Tedd Saunders*

William Sawyer*

Craig Schneider

Jennifer Smith*

Jan Solomon and Kenneth Simonson

Janet Stanley

David Stevens and Linda Wymbs*

William and Coralie Stevenson

Brian Swanson and Ruth Rowan+*

Signe Taylor and Joel Stettenheim*

David Thompson

Elizabeth and Peter Thomson*

Kathleen and Carlton Tucker*

Eric Wirth*

John and Mary Wright*

Norman and Nancy Wulf*

*Global Loyalty Donor who has given at least three consecutive years.


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